Interim Services address a crisis, transition or are provided to support a major transaction. Services continue for a finite period. This often involves financial intervention to quickly stabilize a troubled situation, to effect change or to make timely improvements.
Responsibilities include leading or advising on:

Interim consulting services during a transition between executives
Profitability enhancement
Organizational restructuring
Devising and implementing turnaround strategies
Corporate workout situations
Creditor restructuring
Rightsizing analysis and implementation
Exit strategies
Analysis and support for M&A and other transactions


Services are part-time and ongoing to support and improve the business. This involves working closely with the business owner(s) to identify business opportunities, interpret and leverage financial information, minimize risk and utilize best practices to achieve enhanced profitability. 
Responsibilities include leading or advising on:

Cash flow management
Strategic and operational planning and budgeting
Interpreting and communicating financial information to management
Working capital management
Optimizing capital structure and financing requirements
Financial analysis for decision-making
Devising key metrics and performance measurements
Identification of most profitable product/customer/division
Cost reduction strategies
Internal controls and risk management
Financial reporting and pro-forma statements
Managing bank relationships
Loan packaging and representation in capital markets
Manage and oversee accounting staff


Project services are provided to address the needs of a specific project or initiative and are provided for a finite period. Services are tailored to the project requirements and often involve leveraging technology, financial and/or operational best practices and methods to achieve a specified outcome.
Examples of project services include:

Business process review and improvement
Viability studies
Financial and operating benchmark studies
Accounting system selection, conversion and implementation
Activity-based costing and economic cost models
Full time executive-level search and recruitment
Accounting staff recruitment
Review and implement internal controls

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